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It’s made better – because it’s made with Meinan®.

For over 60 years Meinan® Machinery has provided customers around the world with the finest in peeling technology for the veneer and plywood industry.

From the shores of North America through distribution from Merritt Machinery to its beginnings in Japan in 1953, Meinan Machinery has always been a symbol of quality, innovation and productivity.

Meinan became known throughout Asia as a leading producer of veneer and plywood machinery.guy A series of early innovations began with a wide belt sander for producing a smooth panel surface, followed by the veneer composer for splicing random veneer widths into face and back veneer sheets and core stock ahead of the plywood layup process. These innovations increased capacity at lay-up lines and significantly increased veneer yield and reduced glue waste.

Meinan engineers found that by analyzing the deficiencies of conventional lathe mechanics they could develop new lathes with a revolutionary drive system that made truly spindleless log peeling possible.

The resulting Meinan machines enable extremely accurate veneer thickness from a wide range of log diameters and a balanced amount of driving force and cutting knife resistance for the elimination of spin-outs. Other Meinan benefits include automatic stacking, the easy peeling of extremely hard log species,and less log conditioning.

Today Meinan Machinery has become the trusted standard for operation in North America and throughout the globe – providing end users with products featuring ultimate accuracy, consistency and resulting smoothness.

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