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Merritt is your source for Meinan® Machinery

Merritt Machinery is the U.S. representative for Meinan Machinery Works, Inc., a global supplier of veneer and plywood equipment. Our agreement allows Merritt to market Meinan’s complete lines for plywood manufacturing in the U.S., and provides Meinan with a U.S. presence for parts, service and future manufacturing.

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Built for Consistent Productivity

Since 1953 Meinan has stood for innovation and process and efficiency improvement for those in the veneer and plywood production industry. Today Meinan is the standard for producing quality panels, boards and plywood from various raw materials – including the growing need to utilize small diameter logs of varying quality and random sized veneer strips.

The Meinan peeling line greatly enhances productivity through automation, including automatic stacking of full sheets according to moisture content. Random veneer stripsare also automatically stacked.This eliminates repetitive, manual labor pulling veneer at the green chain.

In addition the Meinan system allows peeling of logs with less conditioning, providing more production flexibility.


Meinan® Arist Lathe Veneer Peeling System:

  • Fully automatic veneer peeling lines feature state-of-the-art technology
  • Designed to produce high quality veneer with close tolerances from varying logs
  • Consistent peel thickness tolerance with true spindleless peeling using spiked discs to steadily and powerfully driving the log
  • Automatic knife changer for faster and safer operation
  • Automatic stacking of full sheet and random width veneer eliminates manual sorting at the green end
  • Allows peeling of logs conditioned to various requirements
  • Special backup rollsystemto support the log, control veneer thickness, enhance bar pressure and minimize lathe checks
  • Can be variously configured to accommodate user requirements
  • Over 250 lathe lines sold worldwide, including several in North America


Meinan® Green Veneer Composer:
Green Veneer Composer

  • Features state-of-the-art technology through over 40 years experience in veneer jointing machine production
  • Facilitates short grain core veneer handling
  • High feeding speeds for increased output and efficiency
  • Increased dryer yield with maximized dryer coverage
  • Reduces dryer downtime due to rejects
  • Higher dry veneer yield through less maintenance and lower energy costs


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