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Meinan® Veneer Lathes & Green Veneer Composer

Merritt Machinery is the U.S. representative for Meinan Machinery Works, Inc., a global supplier of veneer and plywood equipment. The representation agreement between the two companies allows Merritt to market Meinan’s complete lines for plywood manufacturing in the U.S., and provides Meinan with a U.S. presence for parts, service and future manufacturing. Meinan® fully automatic veneer peeling lines feature state-of-the-art Japanese technology.


Veneer Slicers

  • Production of decorative veneer at speeds of up to 90 sheets per minute
  • Upstroke design allows for faster, safer knife changeover and easier offbearing
  • Cast iron knife beam and pressure beam with hot air recirculation provides even temperature for slicing consistently smooth veneer


Vacuum Flitch Tables

Developed in cooperation with M. Böhlke Veneer Corporation in 1993, the patented Merritt vacuum flitch table has a proven track record of providing higher veneer yield.


Merritt FlitchPrep™ System

Our newest machine, developed in response to industry demand, is the Merritt FlitchPrep™ System (patent pending). This flitch cleaner, introduced by Merritt in 2010, automates the manual process of cleaning veneer flitches prior to slicing, resulting in significant labor cost savings.


Veneer Clippers

Merritt has decades of experience manufacturing veneer clippers for the production of rotary peeled veneer, with over 70 Merritt veneer clippers sold. Our rotary knife clipper is for direct clipping from the lathe or for reeling applications. Our guillotine-style knife clipper is for clipping stacks (or “books”) of veneer after grading.