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Vacuum Flitch Tables

Developed in cooperation with M. Böhlke Veneer Corporation in 1993, the patented Merritt vacuum flitch table has a proven track record of providing higher veneer yield.

Increase Yield

  • 8-15% proven increase in yield
  • 7 mm (.27″) thick backing board possible
  • Less shim sheets because the flitch is held solidly in place
  • Superior quality veneer right down to the backing board
  • No “bowing” of flitches due to clamping dog force

Increase Production

  • Faster slicing speeds are possible right down to the backing board
  • Flitch changeovers as fast as 35 seconds – no flitch pushers required
  • The backing board is much easier to handle and dispose of

Improve Safety / Reduce Maintenance

  • The knife carriage is not used to push the flitch in place, making flitch loading much safer
  • Eliminate maintenance problems related to the hydraulic dogging system
  • Eliminate knife and nose bar damage caused by occasionally striking a dog
  • Vacuum to each cavity is controlled by a unique valve, which is impossible to contaminate
  • Specially-formulated rubber seals developed by Merritt are inexpensive and easy to replace

More than 90 Merritt vacuum flitch tables have been installed worldwide on various makes of veneer slicers.